Makerspace Tools

Before using any tool, familiarize yourself with any relevant safety information. Here is a link to a resource for information on the safe use of all of the power tools. Please read over the relevant sections before using the tools. If you have any questions about any tool, contact a mentor or mudd-makerspace-leadership-l. We will also be running workshops to teach the basics on how to use the tools in the space. If there is a particular tool workshop you would like to see, contact mudd-makerspace-leadership-l.

Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing)

We have a Ulitmaker 2 Extender+ 3D printer for rapid prototyping needs.

How to Start a Print

We use a Google calendar to manage the print process. Here is the calendar. Notice that it requires a Harvey Mudd College email address.

Before starting the print, you should make a calendar event with the approximate time of your print, and your name and a contact phone number. That way if someone else sees that your print has failed they can contact you, and people will know when they can print. Do not block out time for future prints- fill in time once you have started your print, but don't sign up for future times that you may or may not show up for.

The printer requires its own software to run, found here. There you will need to pick the nozzle diameter (currently 0.8 mm) and material (PLA). It needs to be exported to an SD card (there is one at the printer). Then, put some of the glue on the build plate to get your print to stick. Without this, it may come detached while printing and fail. For safety reasons, we are limiting the printer to PLA filament. We have a large quantity of stock filament that you are welcome to use- if you want to buy your own filament, please check with us to make sure it's a compatible type with safer fumes.

Tool List

Tool Location
Angle grinder Power tool cabinet
Bench top power supply Electronics table
Box cutters Tool chest
Channel locks Tool chest
Chisels Tool chest
Circular saw Power tool cabinet
Combination wrenches Tool chest
Corded drills Power tool cabinet
Crescent wrenches Tool chest
Crosscut saw Tool chest
Crowbars Tool chest
Dremels Power tool cabinet
Files Tool chest
Hacksaw Tool chest
Hammers Tool chest
Hand jigsaw Tool chest
Hex sets Tool chest
Hole saws Tool chest
Hot glue gun Supplies shelf
Impact driver Power tool cabinet
Jigsaw Power tool cabinet
Level Tool chest
LiPo charging Supplies shelf
Mallets Tool chest
Oscilloscope Electronics table
Palm sanders Power tool cabinet
Pipe wrench Tool chest
Pliers Tool chest
Portable drill Power tool cabinet
Reciprocating saw Power tool cabinet
Router Power tool cabinet
Scissors Tool chest
Screw drivers Tool chest
Socket set Tool chest
Solder pot Electronics table
Soldering irons Electronics table
Speedsquare Tool chest
Vise grips Tool chest
X-acto knives Tool chest

If there are any tools that you think we need, contact mudd-makerspace-leadership-l