How to get started with a makerspace project

Request funding

If you need any additional tools or supplies for a project outside of what is available in the makerspace already, or if you are going to use a lot of the supplies which we do have, fill out this form to get funding for your project.

Once you have been approved for funding, you can either buy the parts yourself and fill out this reimbursement form, or have us buy the parts for you with this materials request form. The second will take longer for you parts to get here.

Conditional on receiving funding for your project, you must promise to document your work and give us a small summary of your work so that another student could learn from what you did. This summary will go on the project showcase page when you are done.

Since project reimbursements come from ASHMC, all projects must comply with the rules governing ASHMC allocations. For details about what this implies, check the ASHMC website.

Store your project

If your project is too big to carry back and forth from your dorm room, you can check out a storage space in the makerspace using this form. If you are storing things in the space, you can only check out one shelf, and your project must fit entirely within that shelf. Storage lasts for one year, and all projects must be removed over the summer. If you finish your project before the end of the year, please move it out of the space to free up the shelf.

Because of the nature of the space, we can't provide storage for all projects. If your project is too large and doesn't fit on a shelf, talk to makerspace leadership and we will work with you to find another storage option. If you are storing flammables for your project, we can store these parts in the fire safe. Talk with leadership about getting access to the safe. If you are storing other hazardous chemicals, check with leadership before storing them in the space.

Ask for advice

If you are stuck and don't know what to do next on your project, ask one of our mentors or come by office hours, usually Sundays at 1pm. Check the calendar on the tutorials page for details.

Show off your project!

When you are done with your project, submit your summary to makerspace leadership to get it on the website.

Every year we have a maker fair during ASP to show off work to other students and to pre-frosh. If you want to display your project at this event, email makerspace leadership.