Makerspace Mentors

Mentors are students who have signed up to be resources for other students with projects in their areas of expertise. A full list can be found on the website, or the door to the makerspace. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, email mudd-makerspace-leadership-l.

Mentor list

Name I'm good at... email
Andrew Bishop Electronics, Woodworking abishop (at) hmc [dot] edu
Elizabeth Poss Electronics, Organization eposs (at) hmc [dot] edu
Isabel Martos-Repath Sewing, Machining, Arts and crafts stuff imartosrepath (at) hmc [dot] edu
Hamzah Khan Electronics, programming hikhan (at) hmc [dot] edu
Hamza Khan Electronics, programming hkhan (at) hmc [dot] edu
Duncan Crowley Skateboard making/wood working, electronics, project planning dcrowley (at) hmc [dot] edu
Jingnan Shi Electronics, programming jshi (at) hmc [dot] edu
Valerie Kwee Sewing, clay, graphic design, paper crafts vkwee (at) hmc [dot] edu