HMC Makerspace


The Mudd Makerspace is a student-run club for providing access to tools, resources, space, and storage to work on extra-curricular projects. We are dedicated to making this a space where all students feel comfortable working on a variety of projects, from electronics to sewing or artistic endeavours. In the makerspace, you can find sewing machines, drills, saws, soldering irons, electronics components, and space to use them all.


Jacobs B132


To gain 24-hour access to the Mudd Makerspace, you need to pass the safety quiz.

Project Storage

If you'd like to store projects you're working on in the Makerspace, please make sure to take the safety quiz and check out a storage space here.

Request Funding

To get funding for a project, first fill out the project proposal form. Once that has been approved, you can either buy supplies yourself and get reimbursed or request supplies.

Report Injuries

Please report any injury by filling out this form. By using this information we can better improve the safety of the space.

Maker Sunday

Come to Makerspace at B132 every Sunday at 1 p.m. to chat and ask questions!

Mailing List


Name Position Email Address
Jacob Donenfeld President jdonenfeld (at) hmc [dot] edu
Erik Meike President emeike (at) hmc [dot] edu
Natalie Krieger Vice President nkrieger (at) hmc [dot] edu
Tejus Rao Vice President trao (at) hmc [dot] edu
Lucy Wong Vice President lwong (at) hmc [dot] edu

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